Rebecca Pate

Freelance content marketing and copywriter

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’m a freelance content marketer, copywriter and digital marketing consultant.

I offer a number of freelance content marketing services for businesses that are looking to outsource their content. This can include copy for blogs, newsletters, websites and generating engaging posts for social media platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).

I’m experienced in both in-house and freelance content marketing—you can read more about me here. I work with a number of clients, from small businesses to global organisations, writing about everything from craft beer to supply chain.

My specialism is working with small, independent drink and food businesses. But my expertise lies in the alcoholic beverages industry.

I offer affordable bespoke copywriting and freelance content marketing services, so why not get in touch to see how I can help your business?

My services

I offer copywriting, copy editing, content and digital marketing services. This can range from writing copy for your company website to scheduling content across your social media accounts.

How can I help you?

Why do you need a copywriter or freelance marketer, anyway? Because you will save precious time that could be better spent elsewhere. So let me help you generate professional content for your business.

About me

I have experience working on marketing teams in small businesses and global organisations. I’m familiar with B2B and B2C marketing and have written about everything from craft beer to supply chain.

Have you spotted my content in the wild? I’ve worked with a range of clients and publications!

Let’s work together! Drop me a line to discuss what value I can add to your writing and content marketing.