Why do I need a freelance content manager or copywriter?

Most importantly, to save time. Creating clear, effective copy takes effort and focus. And, to be frank, not everyone enjoys the process of writing. Thankfully, I do.

Not every company has the budget for a marketing team. Many of my clients are independent businesses focused on sales revenue, but also recognise that they need to engage with customers with a coordinated marketing strategy.

A second opinion is invaluable. If you’re struggling to get the right tone of voice or message, I can help.

Effective communication is crucial to every business. Even a spelling mistake on a website can make a company appear less professional.

Can I afford freelance content marketing services?

I work with a portfolio of clients and tailor my services to their needs. Once we have an agreed content schedule in place, I work anything from between a few hours a month to a few days a week for a client.

I enjoy working with small businesses and offer services that are in line with their budget. Even working together for a few hours a week can give you valuable content and increase your online engagement rates significantly. This is part of growing brand awareness and ultimately helps you stand out as the unique business you are.

I’m happy to provide you with my rate card if you get in touch.

How do you work?

Most of my work is done remotely, but I understand the value of being present at events and launches to capture these moments on social channels, for blog content and newsletters.

I’m always contactable and find it easiest to communicate with my clients daily via Whatsapp with weekly/monthly catch-ups in person or on the phone.

What is your specialism?

I’m an accredited Beer Sommelier and specialise in craft beer, the drinks industry and am now moving into the food industry.

I’ve been working with small, independent businesses in London on a freelance basis since 2016. I enjoy partnering with driven, passionate teams.