How does content marketing benefit a small business?

For small businesses, money and time are often precious commodities. The idea of working with a marketing consultant might seem like an unjustifiable expense, but digital and content marketing can benefit your business, no matter what service or product you offer or industry you work in.

A content marketer can help your business achieve:

  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic growth
  • Lead generation
  • Customer growth

And a digital marketer aims to meet these objectives through the use of digital channels exclusively; think blogs, social media, newsletters and your company’s website.

In marketing terms, customers are said to move through a funnel from the moment they become aware of your business through to conversion — i.e. when they make a purchase. Traditional buyer journey models are more complicated thanks to how we use digital technologies, however.

How can a digital strategy help your business?

If you think about the benefits of having a digital strategy, it’s pretty clear that you have a larger audience online than you do when relying on, say, print advertising in a local newspaper. But that’s not to say that everyone online will have an interest in your business or fits into your buyer persona; this is why targeted campaigns are key as part of a marketing strategy (something else that a marketing consultant can help with!).

Consumers are bombarded by information, so how can you ensure that your company stands out in a busy world? An online business presence helps. With insight into a vibrant company culture, an approachable tone of voice and by promoting yourself a thought leader or challenger brand, you’re giving consumers a reason to engage with your business!

A cohesive and authentic marketing strategy is central to this. And it doesn’t have to be extravagant and costly.

Can you afford to work with a freelance content marketer?

I offer affordable content bundles to small businesses for a flat monthly rate; the cost is based on the frequency and type of content that my client needs. This can include blog posts, mail-outs/newsletters, scheduling social messages and monitoring social media accounts, press releases and website development. When possible, this might also mean attending events to live stream across social media, take photographs and videos.

The idea is that a marketing consultant will take all of these duties off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s important: running your business. And by keeping your content timely and your online presence consistent, you increase brand awareness organically and give potential consumers a reason to notice you.

The most basic content marketing principle is to create valuable content that actually appeals to your reader. This means that a targeted approach will be more effective than creating content aimlessly and spitting it out into the endless void of the Internet.

If you want to understand how a freelance content marketer can help you achieve your business goals, why not get in touch?

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