If Tony Naylor, food and drinks columnist for The Guardian, can’t figure out what your business does and where it does it, then you have a problem. 

This is a reminder that even (or especially) if you’re a small business, you need to have an effective online presence. 

It’s amazing how many food and drink companies struggle to connect with their customers. But it’s not surprising—you didn’t get into these industries for the marketing responsibilities!

Don’t worry. I’m here to help small businesses concentrate on what they’re good at, whether it’s brewing beer or slinging authentic street food, by supporting them with freelance content marketing services.

How can I help your business?


I offer a range of freelance content marketing and digital services. I understand that not every business has the the time (or the budget) to focus on marketing in-house. That’s why I’ll work with you to deliver effective marketing solutions tailored to the size of your business.

My services include:



  • Increasing brand awareness through polished, error-free copy.
  • Persuading people to buy a product or service with calls to action and engaging copy.
  • Producing content for blogs, newsletters, press releases or websites.
  • Delivering punchy, relevant copy with an appropriate tone of voice (from approachable to professional).

Copy editing

  • Checking consistency and accuracy of text.
  • Spotting any errors (grammatical or factual), omissions and repetition.
  • Improving general readability.
  • Ensuring that text is fit for purpose.

Digital marketing/ content strategy consultancy

  • Creating effective content schedule for a business.
  • Scheduling content across various platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (depending on which are relevant to a market).
  • Growing and engaging followers across platforms through high quality content (text and images).
  • Generating content that reflects the business and services on offer in an appropriate and powerful way for each platform.
  • Setting up social media accounts or reviewing the performance of existing accounts.
  • Producing both timely and evergreen content.
  • Reporting analytics.


What do freelance content marketing services look like?


Depending on your budget, we might agree on a content strategy that includes weekly or monthly customer mail-outs/ newsletters/ blog posts, scheduled content going out on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds every day. This includes community engagement and prompt responses to those important questions (like what you serve and where you’re serving it!).

Creating authentic and purposeful content is key, so I’ll also be there to cover your events and help shout about your brand in real time.

Launching a product? I’ll take care of press releases and reach out to press and industry folk.

And that’s just a quick overview. I work closely with clients to support them in the most effective way possible. And when you’re working with small businesses, you learn to be adaptable.

In summary…


I offer affordable freelance content marketing solutions for small businesses. So please get in touch to discuss a tailored service that suits your content needs, whether it’s a few hours a month or a few days a week.

I’m based in London, but I’m happy to conduct meetings and catch-up sessions over the phone or on Skype.